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Art Program

Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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“Over the last ten years, through the kind and energetic encouragement of JeanE and Gerry,
not to mention the fabulous accommodations of Century House, Nantucket has become one of the places which puts me in a state of heart where I have done some of my best work.”

                                          William P. Duffy, Artist in Residence


Discover Century House on Art! Gerry and JeanE are supporters and patrons of the visual arts, and have for many years provided an artistic in residence program. Guests are encouraged to meet and socialize with the artists who may be staying at the Inn. These artistic friends include William P. Duffy, Catherine Elliott, Marla Korr, Joan Chakonas, Anne Packard, Sergio Roffo, Michael Harrell.


An evolution from the June 2005 Professional Artist’s Week, the artistic Charrettes will offer a series of intimate stays orchestrated by a long term Century House Artist-in-Residence “Point/Master Artist” who invites a few fellow artists to the Century House, providing a unique opportunity for the group to create its own energy with the purpose of congregating and critiquing each other’s work at the end of the day.



Century House in its glory is photographed, painted, videotaped or just simply taken in over and over again.  Its splendor is captured more often through an artist eye. Each artist experiences the Century House in a unique and different way.  At a certain moment in time the artist comes face to face with what the Century House is and offers and for that brief moment the memory is imbedded forever in his or her mind. This is what the Century House is to the artists.


The works of artists who have been in residence for many years are included in the innkeepers’ extensive art collection some of which are displayed at the inn for the enjoyment of guests. When making your reservation ask staff if artists will be in residence during your stay.

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