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Cookies and Cream

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

53.2° Clear
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(508) 228-0530 Make Reservation

“…The inn, which once put in its top-five list of American summer inns, is a short walk from downtown and sits on a wedge of land at the corner of Cliff Road and Center Street, boasting a beautiful wraparound porch, with hydrangeas, pansies, and geraniums enfolding the entire place in a veritable floral rainbow. It is classic island architecture, with white picket fence and a delightful sitting garden populated with Adirondack chairs. The breakfast buffet is a bountiful affair of berries, fruit, granola, and other things healthy…” -Boston Globe


breakfastareaYour stay, unlike any other on Nantucket: a time in the late afternoon to enjoy your return from the beach or shopping, to sit down, review your day and plan for the evening hours.

Relax on the veranda, the patios, or the living room and relate the adventures of the day with your partner or new found friends.

Enjoy complimentary coffee or tea, some espresso or cappuccino sodas with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, various snacks or cheese and crackers. Free with any stay.

Watch the sun go down and the stars come out to the tune of the sea breeze rolling over the leaves and flowers.

Listen carefully and you will hear the church bells melody, maybe the rhythm of Harry’s piano in the background and maybe just maybe the bass chorus of the fog horn.

It’s the time for cookies and cream, the cream of the day.