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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

42.3° Overcast
Make Reservation (508) 228-0530   |  
(508) 228-0530 Make Reservation

Can guests smoke in your hotel?

Century House is completely non-smoking

Do you have valet or free parking?

We have free parking by permit only. Please inquire at arrival for a parking permit

Do you take pets?

We do not to accommodate pets.

Is there a Business Center on the property?

We do not have a business center.

Are there things to do on the property?

Enjoy the splendor of Nantucket in our gardens, patio, wrap-around veranda.

How close is Boston from the bed and breakfast?

Boston is about a two hour drive from Boston, six hours from NYC. You have to arrive in Hyannis, and then take a ferry.

What airports are close to the bed and breakfast?

The only airport is Nantucket Airport

How do I get to you?

You can get to Nantucket by ferry or airplane. Once on Nantucket, you can walk from the wharves or take a taxi.