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News 2005

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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Christmas on Nantucket! “The coming of the new year brings promises of new beginnings, infinite possibilities, unbroken resolutions, new captions and memories to be added to the album of life. Nantucket remains a place of escape, tucked away somewhere far off – Indigenous, tranquil, soothing to the spirit. One hundred years from now, it will still be true to its origins…” Read more
Little Known Treasures: Discover St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Connick Stained Glass Art

FALL 2005

Fall on Nantucket!  “Fall is upon us here thirty miles out to Sea…the Island’s most precious and intimate time of the year. Imagine the smells of Autumn and the Sea as you stroll peacefully along the cobblestones and sands of Nantucket…” Read more
Little Known Treasures: Discover Yoga Workshops


Discover Nantucket! “Welcome to Nantucket’s Historic Century House! With the inauguration of this e-newsletter, we will be highlighting special Nantucket treasures, seldom experienced by the visitor.”  Read more
Little Known Treasures: Discover the Frolicking Grey Seals on Muskeget Island