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News 2008

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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At times, change for change sake is not the best answer.  Sometimes it is the consistency in ongoing change that is better. By consistency in change I reflect upon a tree growing or an island shingle turning silver, real change without a lot of noise.  Noise for noise’s sake is never pleasant.  Noise, when used to alert us to an oncoming crisis is a good use of noise.
Nantucket Cemetery: Inscription Project


In this issue Century House in Travel and Leisure, Boston Globe, Upscale Living Magazine. Also, the winners of the lovebirds contest announced.  Unveiling of White Narcissus
The Winners of Lovebirds Contest.


This issue we highlight those who are in front of our eyes  “but we seldom acknowledge” the unsung heroes of year round Nantucket residents who have built the infrastructure of this Island .  Without question, the residents who remains on Island year round invest their time, energy and dollars through out the year and especially in the Winter to guide this Island in its growth and preservation.
The Nantucket Locals.