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News 2013

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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FALL 2013

The Nantucket you never knew: cranberry bogs, forests, grasslands, salt marshes, moors, sanctuaries, walking trails.  Nantucket is to be explored. Miles and miles of land is available for adventure seekers. go on and Explore this amazing island; information provided by and and minutes away from Century House and Coffin Park. Mikhail Gorbachev coming to the Nantucket project. Nantucket Basket Weaving, Manny Dias.


Historic Century House celebrates 180 years. The innkeepers at Century House celebrate 30 years and their 30th Season on Nantucket Island. Memories of the first Season on Nantucket are still embeded in their mind.  We socially connect on Instagram as well. Books and yoga on Nantucket.  Read all about it in this Spring Newsletter.