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Spring 2007

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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Freedoms of Nantucket Little Known Treasures

April/May 2007
Greetings!It has been said that once you experience Nantucket Island, you are never the same. The warmth of the Spring brings treasured memories. It’s like falling in love. A piece of your heart belongs to the object of your affection. The island has been dormant with a few visitors here and there. Slowly it awakens.

It’s that time again! The time when we get ready for another Season! The time to plan vacations. At least vacations to Nantucket should be on the “to do” list. Another summer! Another adventure!

in this issue

Nantucket Wine Festival – May 16 – 20
wineWe kick off the season with the Nantucket Wine Festival, May 16-20, 2007. The island is known for its natural, unmet beauty, stunning architecture, breezy beaches, and for its historic mark as the 19th century whaling capital. Each season it also become the nation’s wine capital.

A seminar entitled “Santa Barbara — Obsessed with Terroir�����, an elite group of winemakers from Santa Barbara. The seminar will offer insights in to the spectacular wine-growing region. Other stimulating seminars on the complexities of biodynamic wine will be available. Fun and fashion featuring handmade creations while sipping cocktails from renown mixologists are also in the plans!

On Sunday, May 20, the White Elephant and the Nantucket Wine Festival will host a waterfront brunch, featuring the sensational cocktails from Stirrings and Moet & Chandon White Star Champagne.

To reserve your stay during the Nantucket Wine Festival to this Nantucket Destination Event please call 508-228-0530.

Calling all ZAGAT Members!
Century House was listed in the Zagat 2006 Guide for Top U.S Hotels, Resorts and Spas!

We now call on all of you who are Zagat members to vote for us in the next survey for the 2008 Guide.

Share your experience by e-mailing or by calling 508-228-0530.

Hospitality, Health Research, and the Travel Industry!
stacysmallCentury House is committed to hospitality, travel industry and social responsibility. Furthermore, we are also committed to health research issues. Recently, Century House proudly became a part of the cure for Breast Cancer!

Our dear friend and leading travel expert, Stacy Small , President of Elite Travel International, presented the Trips for Cancer 2007 to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, to which the Century House donated a stay to the highest bidder. The campaign raised nearly $90,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation , an organization founded by Evelyn Lauder .

It is one of the top-rated charities for efficient use of funds, where 90 percent of what is raised goes directly to the research of the latest treatments and ultimately the cure.

My way of trying to help is by launching and running my Trips for Cancer campaign which enlists donations from luxury hotels around the world,” said Stacy, ” I could never do this without the support of my generous hotel partners like my friends at Nantucket’s Century House.”

Featured Artist: Barbara Lussier

Barbara Lussier, a 2006 Artist-in Residence is returning to the Century House June 3 – 10. She considers it a privilege to have spent her time on Nantucket and looks forward to the 2007 Season.

Her award winning work has been exhibited throughout New England and internationally. She has also taught plein air painting privately and through various educational institutions and the Lyme Art Association, where she is an elected member and serves on the Board of Directors.

Currently she haunts the New England Coastline and supplies galleries with imagery of the rocky shores and sandy beaches. A collector recently traded his boat for a painting to allow her further painting adventures in the creeks, rivers and coast. A philosophically direct descendant of the American Hudson River and Old Lyme painters, Barbara approaches her subject in a way that embraces these traditions working from direct observation and honoring nature. Her landscapes explore the romance of color and light and have been described as “poetry.”

Of the innkeepers she says “they’re wonderful friends to artists”. Barbara’s studio is located in Putnam Connecticut at Liberty Way. text used by permission from

The Artist-in-Residence Program commences May 15. JeanE and Gerry, the innkeepers, are avid supporters, patrons, and collectors of the visual arts, and have for many years operated the artist in residence program. Artists from all over the world come to the Century House. Their extensive collection may be viewed at the inn. Guests are encouraged to meet and socialize with the artists who may be staying at the Inn. >

A Miller Piano Story
“Auction” – sales in which articles are sold to the highest bidders. And how many Auctions have we all attended — gaining treasures, memories and goodwill for the causes involved. With over 400 requests annually to provide an Auction Stay at the Century House, the Innkeeper decided to select a cause every year. This year’s choice is highlighted in another section of this Newsletter. HOWEVER, we thought it a perfect theme to introduce an Auction Nantucket Hidden Treasure acquired by the innkeepers in the late 1980’s that proudly resides in the Century House Sitting Room. An antique Henry F. Miller Player Piano, complete with several musical “player rolls.” Auctioned at Innkeeperette JeanE’s Alma Mater,Regis College, Weston, Massachusetts the challenge was not so much the bidding (which was intense) as the relocation of this mega-ton piece to its Nantucket Island home “on the bed” of Innkeeper Gerry’s Mistress “Truckie” — both of which were encased by a professional moving van making the quickest round trip ferry boat ride drop off, thanks to Innkeeper Gerry’s old, treasured friend ironically also named Miller!

Life is full of delightful memories — –

Come enjoy a nostalgic tune on this festive Auctioned Item.

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