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Spring 2008

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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Freedoms of Nantucket
Little Known Treasures

Spring 2008

175th/25th Anniversary

Three-Night Stay Giveway
This season marks 175 years since we have been serving our guests.  The oldest continuously operating guest house on the island serving the likes of senators, congressmen, with a worldwide returning clientele. We thank you for being a part of us. To celebrate these landmark anniversaries, we are offering a LOVEBIRD CONTEST.TO WIN:
Enter your name or a couple’s full name for the three-night season 2008 stay. Marriage date, address, e-mail, phone number must also be submitted.  Submit via mail or e-mail only  Couple must be married 25 to 175 years, present marriage certificate at the time of winner announcement. Select a three night stay 15 May-15 June; 15 September-15 October.
Deadline to enter:  14 February 2008
Winner Announced: 25 February 2008

With Love, Ferrari

The Month for Love, Passion & Red Things.  What could be more Red than the gathering of Ferrari’s at Gerry and JeanE’s winter home in Palm Beach Florida.  The “Cavallino Classic” brings the best of these redhead Italians to the lawns and the race track, where they are not only shown but driven in the manner for which they were built for.  Cavallino is the oldest, largest, most complete, and most respected Ferrari publication in the world, bringing you the best on Ferrari 6 times a year.  Gerry is particularly taken by the red cars of the 50’s and 60’s and the drivers of that era.  He has met and spoken to both Phil Hill and Sir Sterling Moss two of his high school heroes.  The number 19 he is beside was one of the first vehicles of any manufacturer to carry the model name “GTO” Grand Tourisimo Omologato;
Number 19 is a 10 MILLION DOLLAR CAR. 


“Yours and Ours” Package

It’s the Century House Anniversary and we want you��to be a part of it.  175 years since birth and 25 years together.  Come celebrate your anniversary romance and stay with us during Season 2008 (May 15 – June 15 or September 15 – October 15 only) and receive a fourth night at $175.  Based on availability. Call for more information.

25 Things We Love About Century House

Location– Best between town and the beach
Smell – Fresh Coffee, baked cookies, flowers
Rooms – Each unique with cross ventilation
Old and New – Best of both, each in moderation, internet and A/C
Continuous History – Always what it is where it is. 175 years.
Guests –  Best on the island; from all over the world, each with his or her own story
Staff – Comfortable with themselves and pleasant
Colors – Sunrises and sunsets
Music – Classical music always playing in the lounge area to relax while having a cup of coffee
Neighbors – Even our neighbors and friends in the area rarely leave the island
A Summer Destination – Cliff Road was made for the summer season
The Veranda – A unique addition to the house in 1910
Water – The drinking water is the best, the Atlantic is second to none, and plenty of hotwater.
The Beds – We get continuous calls throughout the year wanting to know how we buy the mattresses and where.
The Patio – We were one of the first guest houses with both North Patio and a South Patio
24 Hour Availability – There is always someone on the property
Books – Always a book to take to the beach from your room – one you probably wouldn’t buy yourself
Artwork – One of the more outstanding contemporary Nantucket collections on the Island
Wood Floors – Most rooms have 150 year old pine floors
Silence – A quiet place to sit by yourself in each room
Variety – Each day is a new adventure
Safety – Speaks for itself
Night Sky – Moon and Stars are the best
Birds and the Bees – look all around

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Hidden Treasures: Nantucket Year-Rounders

This issue we highlight those who are in front of our eyes  “but we seldom acknowledge” the unsung heroes of year round Nantucket residents who have built the infrastructure of this Island .  Without question, the residents who remains on Island year round invest their time, energy and dollars through out the year and especially in the Winter to guide this Island in its growth and preservation.  

While their Summer is predominantly spent in running their businesses to provide their year round revenue/expense to live, the Winter is a time of  Island commitment, attending Town Meetings, Planning Committees, Selectman and Council Meetings etc.  Recently, we asked a group of our dear friends and year rounder-beyond the density and intensity of the escalated number of winter meeting attendance-how do they spend their leisure time?  Consistently, the answers were the same:  intimate dinners with friends at home or restaurants, concerts (the opportunities are surprisingly prolific); the movies etc -and when the weather turns super snowy and freezing cold, the occasional skating on Sesachacha Pond- or more likely the Nantucket Ice Skating Ring-  or snow sliding (both rather infrequent due to the salty air) but always the hot chocolate by the fireplace.

Ask the Artist Column 

The Month of Valentines conveys a celebration of  loving relationships and loving passions and most of our readership know of Innkeeper Gerry’s passion for the Arts and the inn’s Artist in Residence Program, initiated in the late 1980’s.  With this issue, we introduce the Ask the Artist Column in which guests & staff alike can send in questions of curiosity about an artist’s life work.  Innkeeperette, JeanE posed this issue’s question to renown en plein aire artist, Sergio Roffo, whose relationship with Century House goes back years!  How does the artist “know” how to translate what his/her eye sees  three dimensionally onto a a blank canvass? Is it innate, mathematically, genius or what?   “On location, starting from the background to foreground mixing the pigments or colors to create the values, (the lightness and darkness of that color) that would give you the allusion of depth, distance in between the background and the foreground.  The subtleties in nature are so beautiful.”

Quick Links

The historic Century House dates back to the Cliff Road land purchase in 1833. According to research performed by Edouard A. Stackpole, renowned Nantucket historian and former director of the Peter Foulger Museum, a member of an old Nantucket family of Scottish roots, Captain Robert Calder, built the Century House. Over the years, Capt. Calder took part in several long, successful voyages to hunt whale, and eventually completed the construction of the house in the early 1840’s. It is said that Capt. Calder chose this site because of the privacy, the ocean breezes, the views, and the genuine serenity the location provided in the 1840’s and still exhibits today. According to Mr. Stackpole, the Century House is the oldest continuously operating guesthouse on Nantucket Island to date. Visit for details. Season begins May 15 and ends October 15.