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Valentine's 2007

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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Century House Valentines Gift
Freedoms of Nantucket Little Known Treasures

Valentines 2007
Love the Ultimate Freedom! Holding hands through the years,Love is an experience.

Welcoming the other at the door,

Love is an experience.

Waking up together with smiles,

Love is an experience.

Never forgetting what matters most,

Love is an experience…

Our Valentine Wish to all is that we realize this potential in our lifetime!!!

in this issue…
07-07-07 – Love in the Calendar of Time!!!

7/7/7 on Nantucket will be a time to remember for John, Klare, and their guests staying at the Century House. John and Klare met on and fell in love. He lived in New York and she was new to Michigan when they first met. Their first date was at the Henry Ford Museum and four months later their first vacation was Nantucket. Over the next year and a half they went on 21 trips including wine tasting in Santa Barbara, horseback riding on Mackinac Island, dancing and dining in South Beach, hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park, seeing the Alamo in San Antonio, enjoying sake and sushi at Roku in Las Vegas, seeing Niagara Falls from a helicopter, cheering for Danica Patrick at the 90th Indianapolis 500, and more. But out of all the vacations, they still remember Nantucket as the first place they fell in love. That’s why they have planned their wedding to take place on the island which is one of the best wedding spots.

John, Klare and their guests will be arriving on the 4th of July and look forward to watching the fireworks, enjoying the island, staying at the Century House, and celebrating their wedding. The event will take place out at Great Point on 7/7/7. They have rented six 2007 silver Jeep Rubicon Unlimiteds for everyone so they can enjoy the ride out across the sand heading to Great Point. We have been promised a picture of the cavalcade of Jeeps on the sand along the ocean.

John and Klare plan to revisit Nantucket every year thereafter to celebrate their anniversary and we will look forward to having them stay at the Century House.

Give the Gift of Love!

Love is a gift. Love is an Experience.

Give it today!

Gift Certificates are available for Valentine’s Day. Give love by purchasing a Spring, Summer, or Fall stay. Amount may be applied to any Season 2007 experience at the Century House. Call today.

Winter Love Project: Clematis Evolving Into Black Orchid

We love the Century House. In loving it, we tend to it be it Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. Innkeeper Gerry who winters in Palm Beach, Florida, has just returned from Nantucket where he was inspecting the progress on this year’s upgrade project.

Each year the inn invests in a major improvement to the site. This year’s highlight is the updating of one of our guests’ favorite rooms – Clematis , complete with a MAJOR expansion. Once boasted as having the smallest bathroom, Clematis’ private bath will be double in size with “Tea for Two” Kohler tub and double shower. It will be brighter with beige /green colors and brown/black accents. Fireplace is black and will be accented with black marble.

Let us introduce you to BLACK ORCHID in the next issue!

Gone will be the name of the room and the Laura Ashley decor — but rest assure the door off to the verandah remains.

Watch the website for the unveiling of our newest room!

Gerry’s Undying Love & Affection Towards Truckie

Meet Gerry’s mistress: Truckie, a perfectly engineered love, beyond belief, who serves dutifully. You may have seen her around the Century House: ostentatious, unpretentious, quiet spirited and a bit shy…a perfect Stepford wife-like one may say. Her portraits are displayed all over the Century House, Gerry’s private homes, and everywhere else one can think of so others may see her beauty.

Gerry first fell in love with “Truckie” back in the ’80’s, about a year after meeting and marrying his one and only true love JeanE. His love for Truckie is forever growing. Innkeeperette JeanE has been known to state: “have you met the mistress?” However, after all these years JeanE has come to understand that love needs to be sacrificial to be growing and lasting.

You may meet Truckie during your stay! Just ask innkeeper Gerry to show her off and he will proudly do so.

The Nantucket Island Boat Basin at the Bottom of Main Street
Nantucket Winter Hibernation – Guess Where?Once the safe harbor for whaling vessels in the 1800’s and now the aqua parking lot for international dinghies to mega yachts; siteseeing harbor tours and fishing charters — meander the docks as the sun rises or sets — embrace the morning mist over the $$houseboats$$ or enjoy the mauves, peaches and pinks of a magnificent sunset casting its glory at day’s end.Dangle your feet overboard with picnic basket by your side — outfitted with an array of goodies from the surrounding stores of provisions — opt for the simple fare of the adjacent grocery store or the specialty shops (Gerry’s favorite being the ‘turkey terrific sandwich’ “recalling your memories of Thanksgiving leftovers” complete with stuffing and cranberry sauce; and JeanE heading straight to the fish store for a soft shell crab on bun or a lobster roll and chips optional!)Enjoy the conviviality of the “boat people” and if you’re lucky have a chat with one of the crew members boasting about the life at sea traveling port to port!

The basin has been the destination/point of reference for so many yachting events including the Memorial Day Sailing Race from Hyannis ; the Opera Cup, the Swan Boating Reunion; the Browards and the Burgers Reunions sailings.

Come Discover the Freedoms of Nantucket , live the life of Privilege!


“One look. One smile. One touch. One embrace. One kiss. One love. Two people. Two minds. Two souls. Two destinies. One road. One journey. One ending. Together.”

Melissa Higgins

“A bell is not a bell until someone rings it, a song is not a song until someone sings it. Love wasn’t put in the heart to stay, for love isn’t love ’til you give it away.”

– Chanh Kha –

“Love means the warmth of the sun, the aroma of a rose, the breeze of the sea, but as you can see it never means the same for anyone. Love acquires its true meaning by experiencing it for the first time because only then can you define it.”

– Nestor Gallardo –

“Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much perfoms much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”

Vincent Van Gogh

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