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February 2008

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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Waxhaw Couple Married Over 30 Years Win Prestigious Contest

(Nantucket, MA) – February 25, 2008.  The 16-room Century House on Nantucket set out to celebrate two milestones this year:  First, it is the only inn on Nantucket that celebrates 175 seasons of continuous operation, as the oldest guesthouse on the island.  Second, innkeeper duo Gerry Connick and Jean Ellen Heron celebrate 25 seasons of making their own Century House history.

To share their milestone anniversaries, the Century House introduced a Valentine’s Day national anniversary contest calling “old lovebirds” that have been married for at least 25 years, to enter to win a three-night stay on Nantucket at the Century House.  Gail and John Hutchinson, a delightful Waxhaw couple, won the national contest out of nearly 1000 entries!

“Our first date was taking our bicycles out on the ferry to Nantucket,” reminisces John Hutchinson. “I had been given two free tickets on the ferry.  We took with us a block of cheddar cheese, a box of triscuits and a bag of cherries.  After arriving on the island we bicycled down to the south beach and sat there enjoying our crackers and cheese and cherries.”

Gail and John married two years later, and all these years they still talk about Nantucket.  “This gift from Century House will be a wonderful trip down memory lane for us. It will bring us home nearly 34 years after our first date,” says John of winning the contest.

Innkeeper Gerry Connick says, “At Century House we create memories for couples just like the Hutchinsons.  Nantucket offers countless ways for people to discover themselves.  Century House celebrates Nantucket, and now that our history has moved into the 21st century it continues to operate with the attentive hospitality it did in the late 1800’s.”

About the Century House, 175 Years of Nantucket Discovery
The historic Century House, the Inn on the Cliff, dates back to the Cliff Road land purchase in 1833. According to research performed by Edouard A. Stackpole, renowned Nantucket historian and former director of the Peter Foulger Museum, a member of an old Nantucket family of Scottish roots, Captain Robert Calder, built the Century House. Over the years, Capt. Calder took part in several long, successful voyages to hunt whale, and eventually completed the construction of the house in the early 1840’s.  It is said that Capt. Calder chose this site because of the privacy, the ocean breezes, the views, and the genuine serenity the location provided in the 1840’s and still exhibits today.  According to Mr. Stackpole, the Century House is the oldest continuously operating guesthouse on Nantucket Island.
Visit www.centuryhouse.comfor details.