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January 2006

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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A Century-and-a-Half Filled with the Freedom, Art, and History of Nantucket Island


(Nantucket, MA) ��� January 2006.  While the Century House offers its guests today everything from renovated luxurious rooms and delicious homemade breakfast, to top line amenities and complimentary Wi-Fi, it has always been proud to be the oldest continuously operating guest house on Nantucket Island since 1870.

Brief Overview

The 16-room Century House was first constructed in the 1840’s by Captain Calder.  Later on, in the early 1870’s it became a boarding house for islanders during the winter months and a guest house during the summer months hosting the increasing number of visitors to Nantucket.

As history tells it, family operated guesthouses continued to be the preference when visiting Nantucket, especially after the depression of the 1930’s when large resort hotels were shut down, dismantled and reconstructed into some of the cliff mansions seen on the island today. Guesthouses prospered after World War II, in fact, the Century House’s innkeeper during that period said the he had a full house of soldiers in residence.

Enter the Bed & Breakfast era of the 1980’s, along with fancy private baths and air conditioning. The current innkeepers, Jean Ellen Heron and Gerry Connick, came to Century House in 1984, and integrated the old historic guesthouse into the B&B era by redecorating it to the tastes they were brought up with, as they both had spent their childhood in large old homes.

Five years later, in 1989, the executive producers of Paramount Pictures hit TV show “Wings” chose Century House due to its rich history as their Nantucket home when first visiting the island to scout locations.


Named in the Top 5 U.S Summer Destinations by last year, the Century House continues to offer remarkable hospitality in a comfortable setting near town. The innkeepers play a vital role in assuring a pleasant and comfortable stay for all their guests.  Gerry developed and mastered ���Gerry’s Berry Buffet Breakfast,” served daily, which includes his famous granola, yogurt, island berries, fruit, bagels, English muffins, homemade coffee cake, pastry juices, jams, jellies, teas, and the best perked coffee and has been mentioned in and Zagat.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, and espresso are available throughout the day, and then “cookies and cream” or afternoon snacks roll into the cocktail hour.  Perhaps the best part of the day is at sunset while sitting out on the veranda and preparing for dinner at one of the nearby restaurants.

From an artistic angle, Century House, under the direction of JeanE (a%2