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Restaurants on Nantucket

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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Make Reservation (508) 228-0530   |  
(508) 228-0530 Make Reservation

“One highlight of a stay at The Century House is breakfast, where guests enjoy a variety of berries, scones, muffins, coffee cake, yogurt, granola, juice, coffee and fruit.  Breakfast is complimentary, as is the chocolate, freshly baked cookies, …placed in the Inn’s central dining room throughout the day. These snacks are a good chance for fortification before setting off to explore the island on bicycles.


Indulge in fine dining and the local cuisine, for an unforgettable experience. World renown restaurants and chefs on Nantucket.   Here you will find local, gourmet, organic, seafood, and other world cuisine. Most restaurants will require advanced reservations.  Others do not take reservations.  The best Nantucket restaurants are known for providing excellent dining opportunities and experiences in an intimate setting.  These are our suggestions, and all these restaurants are within walking distance to Century House.

View Nantucket Restaurants near Century House in a larger map
 Brant Point Grill
 Company of the Cauldron
  29 Fair
 Oran Mor

 Toppers at the Wauwinet
 American Seasons
• Centre Street Bistro (casual, lunch and dinner)
• Dune Nantucket��������
 Lobster Trap (casual)
 Something Natural
 Straight Wharf
 Galley Beach• Queequegs• Straight Wharf Fish Store
• Sayle’s Sea Food
• Something Natural
 The Green


What are the best restaurants on Nantucket? Here are a couple ways to find the restaurant perfect for you. Come indulge in fine dining. Local fine dining is the best! The world renown restaurants and chefs on Nantucket provide excellent options. Here you will find gourmet, organic, seafood, and other world cuisine. Most restaurants will require advanced reservations. Others do not take reservations.
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