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Things to Do on Nantucket

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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“Arriving on the ferry, we looked down onto a busy dock full of people waving hello and saying goodbye surrounded by mounds of blue hydrangea, small buildings covered in weathered shingles and some of the world’s truly astonishing yachts.  The welcoming of Nantucket appeared to be as beautiful as we had heard…  we grabbed a cab at the end of the dock for a quick lift with our luggage to a charming wide white porch dripping with flower baskets and covered with small tables and chairs partially hidden by thick green flowering vines. Behind the charming porch was our home for a few days, one of the oldest inns on Nantucket” 

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How to plan a Nantucket vacation? One of the best ways to find great information on activities, sites to see, things to do, where to go, the best beaches, is talk to the locals.  Yes, those who have been here for a long time are the best guides.  There are plenty of guides out there with the newest and best, but Nantucket Island is known for its treasures seldom experienced by the Nantucket lover: hidden walking trails and sites. See below up to date researched and tested information on the best activities on Nantucket Island.


Marvel at the ever-changing venues of art.  Visit the numerous galleries where well-known artists present their work. Observe the Century House Artists-in Residence.  Learn to paint. Sketch. Take a dance class.
 Arts Nantucket
 Artists’ Association of Nantucket
 Cavalier Gallery
��� Gallery At 4 India
 Quidley & Co.
 Sketching Tours
 Pierce Galleries
 Sosebee Gallery


A great site for local species where you can learng about the sealife around Nantucket.  Walking distance from Century House and Main Street. The new building coming in 2015.
•  Maria Mitchell


•  Nantucket Antiques Depot 


Learn about Nantucket basket making. Classes available.
Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum


Retreat to timeless moments of silence in the salty air. Escape the noise, the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Pristine, hidden, breezy beaches, some sheltered by dunes. Calm waters, surfing waves, swimming. Scenic beaches where you can watch the boats come in. The freedom to explores miles and miles of sand is at your doorstep. Discover the freedom to find little known treasures, the simple pleasures so irresistible, so available. The following beaches can be explored: Brant Point, Children’s, Jetties, Steps, Francis St.Dionis, Surfside, Cisco, Miacomet, Madaket, Tom Nevers, Nobadeer, Sconset,Pocomo, Great Point, Coatue
  Town Guide
•  Chamber Guide


Miles and miles of beautiful bike paths await to be explored.  Most paths have rest areas and water fountains.�������� Breezes, wild aromatic flowers, birds, and beautiful scenery, sunsets and sunrises.  Here you find the freedom to explore at your own pace. There are over 29 miles of bike paths on Nantucket: Madaket, Cliff, Eel Point, Bartlett, Cisco, Milestone, Nobadeer, Old South Rd., Polpis, South Shore, Surfside, Airport, Fairgrounds bike paths.
  Town Guide: Wheels, Heels and Pedals
•  Chamber Guide


Bicycle shops provide rentals by day, week, or month. They have maps of all the bike paths on Nantucket Island.  Please call and have the bicycles delivered at the Century House on 10 Cliff Road if you wish to.  We suggest walking over to the Nantucket Bike Shop for the perfect fit.
Nantucket Bike Shop
  Bike Tours
  Affordable Rentals


Nearly one half of Nantucket is protected.  A wide variety of wild birds can be found.  Nantucket Visitor’s Bureau has information on seasonal bird watching walks and tours. Also see below more info.
 Linda Loring Nature Foundation
 Maria Mitchell Adult Walks and Field Trips


Thousands of acres on Nantucket are protected by various conservation groups. This is a first of its kind in the nation. These active groups, artists, community citizens who cherish Nantucket’s natural beauty raise funds to prevent environmental degradation by purchasing the open space. Miles and miles of trails, moors and cranberry bogs can be explored on Nantucket Island.  Forty percent of Nantucket Island is open space of undisturbed natural habitat, including beaches, wetlands, aquifer recharge areas, moorlands, heathlands, cranberry bogs; rare species habitat; ocean, pond and harbor frontage, and properties for passive and active recreation and land preservation some within distance of Century House such as: Tupancy Links, Eel Point, Sanford Farm and Ram Pasture. Go discover!
Nantucket Conservation Foundation Properties
Nantucket Land Bank Properties 
Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge
Linda Loring Nature Trail
Maria Mitchell Field Trips
Sesachacha Heathlands Wildlife Sanctuary
Linda Loring Nature Foundation
The Trustees of the Reservations


 Sea Nantucket Kayak
Nantucket Community Sailing


What is going on every day on Nantucket? Find daily activities and events listings by hour.
•  Yesterday’s Island


Full or half a day of fishing with an experienced captain is available.  You never know what you may catch.


How to get around Nantucket by walking, biking, riding. This is a great guide on how to really explore the island via the Nantucket Town.
  Wheels, Heels and Pedals


Play 9 to 18 holes or hit a bucket of balls at the driving range of the only public golf course on Nantucket Island.  Call to schedule a tee time.  The Nantucket Golf Club, the other golf club is a private, and for members only
•  Miacomet Golf Club


Nantucket has so much to offer and you can only learn more about it if you dare to explore like an islander. See where the first woman astronomer was born.  See the 2nd oldest lighthouse in the US, or the oldest Mill in the United States.  Explore the lands and trails preserved by the islands foundations. Discover the Whaling Museum, or learn about the Quakers. Visit the Nantucket observatories and stargaze! See the Hydrangea farm. Miles and miles of Nantucket Island waiting to be discovered.