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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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“What wonder, then, that these Nantucketers, born on a beach, should take to the sea
for a livelihood!… Two thirds of this terraqueous globe are the Nantucketer’s.
For the sea is his; he owns it, as Emperors own empires. ”

                               Herman Melville, Moby Dick

chx_13bbFreedom is the greatest form of luxury.  The freedom to explore, discover, and enjoy an island dating back to the 15th Century.  Read the History of the Island.  Century House is also dedicated to preserving the island’s original state, history, beauty, and purpose- that of offering natural beauty – only to ask in return admiration and a sense of loyalty.  Nantucket is a 13 miles by 4 miles charming island, 50 miles out to sea. It is a captivating destination, famous for its unbridled, wild, unpredictable lifestyle, an unforgettable, quiet, unpretentious escape from the daily life.  Miles and miles of breezy beaches await.  As our guest, you will be close to all the wonderful Nantucket Island Massachusetts activities, without having to stay right in the commercial distance. Our quiet residential sophisticated neighborhood is near shopping, restaurants and beaches, yet allows you to enjoy Nantucket Island’s serenity when you want to escape the crowds. Guests can enjoy historic cobblestone streets. Historic tours await. Buildings dating back to late 1600’s can be visited. More than 800 historic buildings, each at least 100 years old; over a dozen museums, including Whaling Museum, to preserve  the culture and history of Nantucket Island.  Follow where the path may lead you. Miles of beaches, bike paths for sunbathing, sightseeing, biking.  Take a deep breath.  Look around. And Smile.  The Island is a one of a kind. See where Maria Mitchell, the first American woman astronomer was born.

Marvel at the ever-changing venues of art.  Visit the numerous galleries where well-known artists present their work. Observe the Century House Artists-in Residence.  Learn to paint. Sketch. Take a dance class.
Arts Nantucket | Artists’ Association of Nantucket | Century House Artist in Residence | Cavalier Gallery | Gallery At 4 India | Quidley & Co. | Sketching Tours | Pierce Galleries | Sosebee Gallery

Retreat to timeless moments of silence in the salty air. Escape the noise, the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Pristine, hidden, breezy beaches.  Some sheltered by dunes. Calm waters, surfing waves, swimming. Scenic beaches where you can watch the boats come in. The freedom to explores miles and miles of sand is at your doorstep. Discover the freedom to find little known treasures, simple pleasures so irresistible, so available. 80 miles of sparkling beaches await you. Here are the beaches
Town Guide | Chamber Guide | Brant Point Children’s | Jetties | Steps | Francis St. | Dionis | Surfside Cisco | Miacomet| Madaket | Tom Nevers | Nobadeer | Sconset | Pocomo | Great Point | Coatue |

Miles and miles of beautiful bike paths await to be explored.  Most paths have rest areas and water fountains.  Breezes, wild aromatic flowers, birds, and beautiful scenery, sunsets and sunrises.  Here you find the freedom to explore at your own pace. Approximately 40 miles of bicycle paths await you!
Town Guide | Madaket  | Cliff  | EEl Point | Bartlett Cisco | Milestone  | Nobadeer | Old South Rd. | Polpis | South Shore | Surfside  | Airport | Fairgrounds

Biking is one of the best activities on the island. Wonder no more if there are things to do on Nantucket.  Rent a bike or a moped and you are on your way to discovering the island. Note: over 40 percent of the island is preserved in conservation and yet available for exploration.  See the Bike Paths or to explore on foot see our Nantucket Nature Trails Moors and Bogs section.
Nantucket Bike Shop  | Bike Tours | Affordable Rentals

Vast selection of fiction and non-fiction books are available at the Century House. For the book lovers, there’s the renown Nantucket Atheneum along with all fashion book stores. Get your favorite newspaper or magazine detailing world and local events here.
The Hub | The Atheneum | Mitchell’s Book Corner | Nantucket Bookworks

Get your morning cup of coffee or gourmet tea at Century House or meander into town and explore the cozy coffee shops.
The Hub | The Bean | Esspresso To Go | Culinary Center | Corner Table | Petticoat Row Bakery

Several festivals take place in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. See our Events Calendar section for all events which also include the Restaurant Week, Boston Pops, etc.
Wine Festival | Film Festival | Book Festival | Dance Festival | Comedy Festival | Cranberry Festival | Arts Festival | Birding Festival | Shorts Festival

Spring flowers such as lily of the valley, daffodils, tulips and lilacs are abundant.  In the Summer roses grow everywhere and wild roses are present on the beaches, rooftops, fences, homes and on the beaches.  Give the gift of love to someone you care about.
Flowers On Chestnut | Bartletts Farm

Explore. Discover. Trace your passions back in time. Meander on cobblestoned streets.  Experience the past and 1800’s architecture coming alive.  Embrace history within the Whaling Industry.  View Nantucket Island’s most historic buildings.
Nantucket Whaling Museum | Sanford Farm and Ram Pasture | Brant Point Lighthouse | Old Mill |  Old Gaol  | 1800s House | Fire Hose Cart House |  Oldest House | Greater Light |  Quaker Meeting House |  Hadwen House | NHA Library and Archives | Thomas Macy House | The AtheneumHistoric Mitchell House | Vestal Street Observatory | Loines Observatory | Aquarium | Shipwreck and Life Saving Museum | Egan Maritime InstituteNantucket Conservation Properties | Nantucket Land Bank Properties | Cranberry BogsMoors | Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum | Nantucket Lighthouses | Hydrangea Farm | Nantucket Conservation Properties  | Nantucket Land Bank Properties | Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge | Linda Loring Nature Trail | Maria Mitchell Field Trips  | Sesachacha Heathlands Wildlife Sanctuary | Grasslands | Salt Marshes | Forests | Tupancy Links | Natural Science Museum

Begin your adventure just moments away from the Century House.  The location of the Nantucket Whaling Museum couldn’t be better. Learn about whale hunt, see whale skeletons, a regged whaleboat, a collection of whaling tools, and portraits of the whaling captains and their wives.  Collections include world-famous collection of scrimshaw, Nantucket lightship baskets, 1850 Fresnel lens from the Sankaty Lighthouse, and the restored 1881 town clock.  Hear the stories of the sea and learn firsthand how brave men and women risked everything in selfless acts of courage by venturing into the dark waves to rescue shipwrecked mariners.  Learn about specialized vessels and their loyal crews.  Explore what life was like on a daily basis as seen through the eyes of the Keepers and crewmen of the Unitesd States Life-Saving Service.  These are the stories of Nantucket’s life-savers.
Nantucket Whaling Museum | Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum | Maria Mitchell Natural Science Museum | Museum of African American History | Egan Maritime Institute | NHA Library and Archives | Shipwreck and Life Saving Museum

Thousands of acres on Nantucket are protected by various conservation groups. This is a first of its kind in the nation. These active groups, artists, community citizens who cherish Nantucket’s natural beauty raise funds to prevent environmental degradation by purchasing the open space. Miles and miles of trails, moors and cranberry bogs can be explored on Nantucket Island.  Over forty percent of Nantucket Island is open space of undisturbed natural habitat, including beaches, wetlands, aquifer recharge areas, moorlands, heathlands, cranberry bogs; rare species habitat; ocean, pond and harbor frontage, and properties for passive and active recreation and land preservation some within distance of Century House such as: Tupancy Links, El Point, Sanford Farm and Ram Pasture. Go discover!
Nantucket Conservation Foundation Properties  | Nantucket Land Bank Properties Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge | Linda Loring Nature Trail | Maria Mitchell Field Trips | Sesachacha Heathlands Wildlife Sanctuary | Linda Loring Nature Foundation The Trustees of the Reservations

Get the latest events, happenings, information on Nantucket Island. Everything and anything you need to know about Nantucket can be found here.
Inquirer and Mirror | Yesterday’s Island  | NMagazine

Rent a bike and head on to the beach, but first grab a couple sandwiches or a picnic from those nearby.  You can also have them delivered by several companies.
Something Natural | Walter’s Jr. | Henry’s Jr. | Provisions | Nantucket Gift Baskets | A Taste of Nantucket

Indulge in fine dining. World renown restaurants and chefs on Nantucket.   Here you will find gourmet, organic, seafood, and other world cuisine. Most restaurants will require advanced reservations.  Others do not take reservations.
Nantucket Food and Wine | Nantucket Menus | Nantucket Restaurant Guide

Nantucket restaurants are known for providing excellent dining opportunities and experiences in an intimate setting.  These are our suggestions. See the locations of all the restaurants nearby we suggest.
Brant Point Grill | Town |  Black Eyed Susan’s | Company of the Cauldron | Oran Mor | Toppers |  Lobster Trap | Something Natural | Straight Wharf | Galley Beach | The Green

Several theater companies produce the best plays out here. After a great dinner, why not view a play, a musical, an old film, or the latest movie.  View daily plays, shows, films, and musicals during the season and off season.
Theatre Workshop of Nantucket | White Heron | Dreamland | Starlight Theatre and Cafe | Nantucket Community Music Center | Nantucket Arts Council | Nantucket Musical Arts Society

Nantucket is best explored by bikes or on foot.  For those who prefer guided tours we recommend several island connoisseurs.
Harbor Tours | Nantucket Historical Association Walking Tours | Maria Mitchell Birding Trips | Sailing Excursions | Gail’s Tours | Sketching Tours | Bike Tours | Natural History Tours | Stargazing

Sweet Inspirations  | Murray’s Toggery Shop | Annie’s Fudge | Sailors’ Valentines | Michael Kane Lightship Baskets | Scrimshander Gallery

Canoeing| Stand Up Paddle Boarding | Fishing | Kayaking | Sailing | Sport-Fishing | Seal Cruising | Surfing | Windsurfing | Whale-Watching

Sea Nantucket Kayak | Nantucket Surf School | Nantucket Surfari | Nantucket Community Sailing | Endeavor Sailing | Shearwater Excursions