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Getting to Nantucket by Car

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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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You have the option of bringing your car to Nantucket, however, you do not need a car on the island.  Our location is within walking distance. You must drive to Hyannisport on Cape Cod specifically Hyannis, MA then on to the Steamship Authority ferry dock or the Hy-line Cruises ferry dock.  From the two docks you can take the slow ferry with your vehicle, or the fast ferry separately to Nantucket. You can park your car in Hyannis, MA near the ferries for a fee. Inquire at either SteamShip Authority or Hy-line Cruises. Rentals are available in Hyannis should you need a ride to the airport, however you can also get to Boston Airport by bus, or by train in the summer.
Steamship Authority Fast and Slow Ferry for vehicles and passanger  |  Hy-Line Ferry Cruises