Getting to Nantucket By Ferry

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Hyannis, MA to Nantucket:

Daily one and two-hour ferry ride for passengers and vehicles is provided by Steamship Authority from Cape Cod, specifically Hyannisport, MA. The high speed one hour ferry ride, is for passengers only.  Steamship Authority ferry arrives on Nantucket Island at the SteamBoat Wharf, a 5-7 minute walk to the Century House. Hy-Line Cruises also provides fast and slow ferry services to Nantucket, arriving at Straight Wharf, a 15 minute walk to Century House.
-Steamship Authority Vehicle or Slow Ferry 508.477.8600 | Steamship High Speed 508.495.3278 | Hy-Line Hyannis 800.492.8082 | Hy-Line Nantucket 508.228.3949 | Hy-Line Cruises  | Steamship Authority

Harwick Point, MA to Nantucket:

Ferry rides to and from Nantucket Island, MA and Harwick Point, MA are provided by Freedom Cruise Line  Note: Freedom Cruise Line docks at the Straight Wharf in Nantucket.
-Freedom Cruise Line 508.432.8999

Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket:

Daily ferry rides, departures to and from Martha’s Vineyard during the high season are provided by Hy-Line Cruises.  Hy-Line Cruises docks at the Straight Wharf in Nantucket.
-Hy-Line Cruises | Hy-Line Hyannis 800.492.8082 | Hy-Line Nantucket  508.228.3949; 508.228.0262 | Hy-Line Inter-Island 508.693.0112

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