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Century House Welcomes You to Nantucket  |

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“The inn, which once put in its top-five list of American summer inns, is a short walk from downtown and sits on a wedge of land at the corner of Cliff Road and Center Street,
boasting a beautiful wraparound porch, with hydrangeas, pansies, and geraniums enfolding the entire place in a veritable floral rainbow.
It is classic island architecture, with white picket fence and a delightful sitting garden populated with Adirondack chairs.
The breakfast buffet is a bountiful affair of berries, fruit, granola, and other things healthy, bought fresh daily at local markets.”

Boston Globe

10 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Honeymoon on Nantucket

Spending you honeymoon on Nantucket. If you are looking for a serene, secluded place to spend your honeymoon, Nantucket is the best place. Breezes, cobblestones, white picket fences, wild roses. No place like it! Miles and miles of bike paths, trails to be explored, all available. How celebrating your honeymoon on Nantucket Island at the Century House “works well for the Top Ten Travel Destinations”:

Accessible: A quick National travel plan taking as little as 20 minutes from the mainland in Hyannis MA (yet we acknowledge hours if coming from California) with none of the hassle and hesitancy surrounding international travel this Season.

A true Island, 30 miles out to sea. Seep in history from the days of whaling, the refined architecture of “living” structures where Islanders and others live, work and play. In fact, Century House is the oldest continuously operated inn since the mid 1800’s when the whaling Captain Robert Calder open its doors to travelers “taking the Nantucket sea air”;

Historic Setting. Speaking of Captain Calder, whose descendant was the renown sculptor and mobilist Alexander Calder, one is embraced with the richly adorned art galleries giving honeymooners especially the opportunity to acquire that unique piece of art to remind them of their special time together as they embark on their live journey together;

Nature. This jewel of an Island destination for some 200 years still enjoys the pure sea air, Summer Sunshine, soft breezes, spring feed delicious Nantucket water straight from the tap, crystal clear nights with sparkling stars a’shining as the honeymooners take that nightly stroll by the shores of any of the 85 miles of beach surrounding the Island; Miles and miles of land to be explored: trails, moors, bogs, forrests, beaches, away from the hustle and bustle. Perfect time whether in the Spring, Summer, of Fall.

Biking. By day, the honeymooners can enjoy miles and miles of protected bike paths that traverse the Island, building up an appetite to splurge with dinner at one of the bistros or renown awarding winning restaurants!

Breakfast Daily. A stay at Century House boutique bed and breakfast offers the honeymooners Gerry’s bountiful buffet breakfast complete with an array of healthy choices including 10 -14 different fresh fruits, yogurts, granola, cereals, muffins, homemade breads and juices. In fact, one could eat the day through out at Century House as cookies, macaroons, chocolates, soft drinks, coffee and teas are always available.

Location Location Location.  aAway from the hustle and bustle of daily like where you can take a quite, much needed respite.  The best location is in the historic district, walking distance to museums, town, bike paths, beaches, restaurants, and all the activities, yet far away where you can get away from the town.  Century House is located at 10 Cliff Road within the Island’s residential (read quiet!) historic district, 2 city block’s to the commercial historic district.

Picturesque ambiance. Nantucket is a charming destination with rose covered cottages, wild flowers, cobblestone streets, white picket fences, old fashioned street-lamps, and classic hospitality. Pass times abound – from a day at the beach, a game of tennis, a kayaking ride, a sunset sail on a charter’s boat , a night of live theatre or the jump hopping bands that play at the nightclubs;

Art. Staying at Century House offers the honeymooners an opportunity to “moon” over the innkeeper’s collection of art work by many of the artists affiliated with the Island’s Galleries as every room in the inn displays a feast of creative artistry …. Too, the honeymooners could have the chance to visit with a visiting artist while sipping a wine or seltzer on the Century House veranda.  You can also enjoy the island’s various artistic angles, available through the community.

Century House respectful Staff has a deep tradition and reputation for welcoming its honeymooners with champagne, sparkling water and chocolates and for recognize the couple’s wants – for the moments of privacy and those of conviviality. The Island and inn offer the honeymooners all of the above in a setting of quiet, comfortably friendly environment cascading in flowers and intimate nooks for reading, relaxing and being lazy!