Month: August 2005

Top Five Eastern US Summer Inn Destinations!!! recently recognized the Century House in the “Top 5 Eastern U.S Summer Inn Destinations!” Among others recognized in the Summer Destination Guide for 2005 were The Point in New York, Boston’s XV Beacon, The Inn at Great Neck, and the Manor on Golden Pond in Holderness. “We are delighted that the Century House was […]

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Comcast Joins Paramount. We are on TV again!!!

Comcast Joins Paramount Pictures in selecting Century House to be featured on its Television Series. Many of you recall the Century House’s role on the the TV weekly show “Wings” airing 1992 – 2000. We are delighted to announce that Comcast’s CN8 recently selected the inn to film the Century House “First Annual Professional Artist […]

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Blog and E-Newsletter

Welcome to Nantucket’s Historic Century House Blog and E-Newsletter!! With the inauguration of this e-newsletter, we will be highlighting special Nantucket treasures, seldom experienced by the visitor. Century House, Since 1833 All our articles will be in a newsletter format, then published on a Nantucket blog – Freedoms of Nantucket. Please sign up for our […]

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