Month: January 2008

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Here’s the article: USA Today, Hotel Hotsheet – Check it out before you check in, Tuesday January 22, 28 By Kitty Bean Yancey Tuesday, January 22, 2008Married for 25 years? Win a free stay To mark its 175th anniversary and the 25th wedding anniversary of its innkeepers, the Century House on the island of Nantucket […]

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Century House Makes Again seems to like Century House. They named us here “Top Five Eastern US Summer Inn Destinations!” And after some of their writers visited us they talked about us here. Well, we’ve been saying that the best things about Nantucket are free. Since we are giving away a “Yours and Ours Anniversary” package, decided […]

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USA Today talks about art in hotels

“Art can help create an experience” says Barbara De Lollis from USA TODAY. We knew that twenty some years ago when we began our Artist-in-Residence open to all our creative minds. Yesterday I talked about Gary Akers one of our artists being published in American Artist Watercolor Magazine Nantucket Island is well known for being […]

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Our Artist Gary Akers in American Artist, Watercolor Magazine

Our very own Gary Akers, an Artist-in-Residence for many years has just been published in the American Artist, WATERCOLOR, Fall 2007 Issue. He visits Century House and Nantucket Island every season because it’s also a place where he finds inspiration for his work. “My subjects come to me unexpectedly. I see the way the light […]

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When you search prospective vacation destinations, it’s important where you get your information from, even when it comes to Nantucket Island. One guide that’s always reliable is National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, Travel and Leisure, etc., the ever so popular website rated the Top Ten Most Endagered Location for over-tourism, environmental causes, conflict, etc. […]

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Coffee – the Nantucket Way

Good coffee, worth waiting for, is hard to find these days…unless you’re on Nantucket. And not if you’re talking about Starbucks. I know. Their coffee is in, more popular than ever. Yes, but frankly, I’m tired of standing in lines. Palm Beach’s Starbucks is equaly popular, so off I go this morning, to indulge my […]

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Triple-Sheet Beds?

According to Gary Stoller from USA Today, even professors at Cornell University explain “how to triple-sheet beds.” Read article here. And Shannon Donnelly mentioned it in one of her daily column in the Palm Beach Daily News (or the Shiny Sheet – a Palm Beach Society Paper). Read the article. We’re ahead of the game […]

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Century House on Martha Stewart Live Radio

Yes!! We could not believe it either: the famous Martha Stewart Living Radio show asking us how we make beds? So we agreed to go on the show LIVE to teach them a thing or two! You can listen to the Century House Nantucket interview here

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BURRRRRR its Winter in the USA and for many of our guests this means ˜the snow is aflowing.” Rather than the ignored pink elephant in the living room, the white elephant symbolic of “burr” beckons many of our guests to make their 2008 Summer Century House reservations. There is something about Gerry’s hot coffee and […]

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24 Hours at the Century House

It’s that time of the year. Yes. Time to plan a vacation. If you’re like us, you need a vacation after a holiday vacation. It’s cold. It’s dreary. And we’re tired of the winter. So Nantucket this summer is the best vacation idea. Here’s what 24 hours look like with us. Most stays are proceeded […]

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