Month: April 2008

Nantucket and Google

Wendy Schmidth, wife of CEO of Google founded ReMain Nantucket In the past year, the Googles (Eric, the CEO of Google which Forbes estimated his net worth at 6.2 billion dollars and Wendy, his wife and philanthropist) have become part of Nantucket’s preservation. The main driver of all the philanthropic efforts on Nantucket is Wendy. […]

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Nantucket Island Water

Water in its pure form is a tasteless, odorless, colorless liquid essential to all known forms of life. In large quantities it appears to be blue. Facts we remember from school: chemical formula – H2O; two-thirds of the Earth is water; the human body is 75% water. Little Known Treasures: The Nantucket Water. The Island’s […]

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