Month: February 2009

Innkeeper’s Column: Lincoln, Darwin & Evolution of Century House

Along with Abraham Lincoln’s birth on Feb. 12 1809 another famous individual also celebrates his 200th birthday, Charles Darwin. While President Lincoln was busy with our Civil War Mr. Darwin’s book “On the Origin of Species” was enjoying considerable success and brings up the next word I would like to use in describing Century House […]

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Ode to the Camera Shop

We are very sad to know that the Camera Shop on Main Street will be changing locations. Over the years Camera Shop has served our needs whether developing photos, renting our favorite old movies, or buying postcards. So au revoir, good-bye, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, la revedere, le’hitraot!! The new location is 49 Sparks Ave.

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Century House in Soco Magazine February 2009

We are happy to announce that Century House, Nantucket is in this month’s Soco Magazine, New England’s Favorite Magazine on stands now. The issue covers Eva Leon, the Spanish “violin virtuoso,” getaway ideas for lovers (which of course includes Century House), restaurant review, and of course accessories to your daily wardrobe. For more information about […]

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Hello Nantucket Lovers: This month is the month of Love. Celebrate love by creating memories. We have many fond memories since we’ve been innkeepers. Thank you for loving us for 25 years and for loving Century House for 175 years. We will continue to provide excellence and most of all the true Nantucket experience, the […]

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