Month: June 2009

Ten things to do on Nantucket when it’s raining

It’s that time of the year on Nantucket. Rain. Not really of course. But you don’t have to let the rain get you down. It comes and goes when you least expect it. Sometimes the weather channel gets it right, sometimes it doesn’t. You never know, thirty miles out to sea. This is your time […]

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Nantucket Film Festival- behind the scenes

One of the fun things on Nantucket every year is the Film Festival. This year the Nantucket Film Festival takes place June 18 – June 21 with opening show at Sconset Casino, June 18, 7 pm. Celebrities, actors and actresses, comedians, film producers, and the volunteers all make this spectacular event happen. The Nantucketeers are […]

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On going to Martha’s Vineyard

I have nothing, absolutely nothing against Martha’s Vineyard. The name sounds familiar to many, affiliated with the Kennedys and of course the name itself evokes charm and curiosity. They say once you’ve been to Nantucket, you will always go back to Nantucket. It awakes the soul, it becomes part of you. So often we have […]

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