Month: September 2009

A Fall Day on Nantucket, Watch!

I love fall! So yesterday I took my camera and videotaped a Nantucket moment! You can see the video here The leaves are changing. The weather is crispy enough to wear a sweater yet still comfortable for a T-shirt or polo. The sun is shining brightly. In the background you can hear silence and […]

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Labor Day and and glad no one was ‘In-Labor’

This labor day weekend it was a fabulous time for a Nantucket getaway. Quiet, relaxing time. Beautiful weather. Sun filled days. Happy guests. Guests came in different packages, shapes and sizes. We had the law student, the high schooler, the neuro-surgeon, the attorney, the medical doctor, the mom with her sons, the IT exec, the […]

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Love Note to the Century House

How very sweet to receive this written note from mother/daughter: “From the moment we crossed your threshold we knew we were in a special place. Century House has all the elegance of an old world charming classic Inn combined with the lovely appeal of friendly comfortable ambiance. Jean and Gerry are two of the most […]

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Nantucket Cranberry Toast and Irish Oatmeal

Yes, we offer beds. Yes, we offer breakfast too. While the Century House retains its service consistency, we’ve added some new enhancements to the breakfast buffet. This Season we, once again, expanded Gerry’s Berry Buffet Breakfast to include two new breads –a Tuscany white bread baked an hour before the buffet starts – how fresh […]

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Hidden Treasures – Our Neighbours

This newsletter issue we highlighted the joy of Century House Neighbors! With special attention on Frances Karttunen and husband Alfred Crosby who – along with several other Century House neighbors – live here year around! A twelfth-generation descendant of Nantucket’s English settlers, Frances was brought home to Nantucket ten days old on the steamboat and […]

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