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Here is a little known fact. The house as it stands today and its rooms developed over a period of a century.  It was conceived in the 1830′s as a family home for a whaling captain.  The location on the North Shore was chosen no doubt because of the year-round sea breezes.  The placement of the rooms in the building make full use of both the light and winds experienced on the north west hill (and highest point of Nantucket Island) as it can be seen that the rooms had two exposures in different directions to the light and open air.
The colors and decoration of the rooms are drawn form the island flora and fauna combined with the minimalistic tendencies of late Quaker and middle Federalist style and living habits. Rooms were also named to reflect the natural Nantucket flora. The more formal layouts being on the main and second floors with the higher levels recalling a tighter focus in size.

Through out its history, since the opening to guests in the 19th century, to its present status in the 21st century, the enjoyment of the freedoms of Nantucket Island has been the Century House’s first consideration.Book your reservations for this Spring or Summer on our website at

The Black Orchid Room

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