Top 10 Things to Do on Nantucket from Century House

Top 10 Things to Do on Nantucket Island

Sands of Nantucket Massachusetts Island

If you ask 10 different people what their top 10 things to do on Nantucket are, I am sure you will get wildly different answers. That is what we love about this island. Everyone can choose their own adventure and curate their own memorable experience. If you are looking for the whole Nantucket experience, but feel overwhelmed by the multitude of shops, restaurants, and attractions, we have an expertly crafted list that will not disappoint.

nantucket whale skeleton

  1. The Whaling MuseumWe know a visit here will be high on the lists of many visitors and locals alike, but there is a good reason for that. If there is any attraction that brings the magic of Nantucket’s past to life before your eyes, and shows you how it has shaped the current island you experience, this is it!
  2. Quidley & Company Fine Art Gallery: While Nantucket is brimming with tremendous artists and artisans of every nature, this might possibly be our favorite art stop on the island. It features an eclectic collection and exudes a classy yet casual atmosphere. A must for any day spent shopping downtown!
  3. Ride a Bike to S’conset:  This is the must-do for any cyclist on Nantucket and one of the best ways to see the island. Take the bike path along Milestone Road out to the charming town of S’conset, enjoy a picture-perfect beach day and then take the bike path back along Polpis Road to enjoy some gorgeous water views on the way back. You can bring your own gear or visit one of the fantastic outfitters in town, including Nantucket Bike Shop.
  4. Sunset Dinner at Galley Beach: What would Nantucket be without a romantic sunset dinner right on the sand? The setting here is as ideal as it gets, and with the bustling beach right next door, it exudes a very old fashioned Nantucket feel.lighthouse on nantucket
  5. A Secluded Picnic Lunch at Great Point Light: You will need a jeep rental for this excursion, but we highly recommend it if you want to get off the beaten path. Pick up a delicious picnic lunch from Provisions or Something Natural and head out to Great Point where you can drive right on the beach for a secluded escape. If you aren’t interested in the 4-wheel option, take that picnic lunch down to Steps Beach, a short 15 minute walk from Century House.
  6. Sunset on Madaket Beach: You might have deal with the throngs of other sunset seekers, but that is what makes the atmosphere here so special. If you aren’t driving, we highly recommend biking down and taking the Nantucket Shuttle Bus back. A sunset experience lauded the world over!
  7. Beer, Wine & Spirit Tasting at Cisco Breweries: If you are seeking out the lively side of Nantucket and wondering where everyone is on a sunny afternoon, look no further. Sample some excellent innovative local craft brews, wine and spirits, and revel in the live music and food carts almost every day throughout the summer.
  8. Climb the Steeple Tower of First Congregational Church: Get up high and take in Nantucket from a completely different perspective. No other location offers the grand sweeping views of Nantucket town and harbor. On a clear day you can see forever…century house on nantucket
  9. Nantucket Lightship Baskets: Bring home one of the most iconic products to come out of Nantucket’s storied past that started with sailors out at sea. You can discover the history at the museum, and shop around town for your own basket. Some are laden with ivory and quite expensive, but everyone should be bringing one of these treasures home.
  10. Stay at Century House: We may be a little biased but as the oldest continually operating guest house on the island of Nantucket, we think this is the place to begin and end every day on this magical isle. From our extensive breakfast buffet and ‘Gerry’s Berry Bar’ to cozy guest rooms, inviting indoor and outdoor sitting areas, romantic enhancements, and attentive and gracious service, we will be here for you from before you arrive until after you depart!

Come experience all of the wonderful things Nantucket has to offer and the freedoms afforded by a stay at the Century House. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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