Nantucket Art Galleries :: Quidley & Company Fine Art Exhibition

Nantucket Art Galleries: Quidley & Company Fine Art

Nantucket Art Gallery Painting by Philip Buller

Summer Day by Philip Buller

Nantucket Island– known for its magical atmospheric light, scenic beauty and internationally acclaimed sandy beaches- has for years been the “bucket list destination” for many en plein air artists (French for act of painting outdoors). Galleries on cobblestoned Main Street and the surrounding side streets have sprung up over the years to accommodate the public’s interest in their works. In recent years, the works of modern and contemporary artists have crossed over the pond from the mainland.

Pictured below are three images representing beach worshippers from the Victorian Age to current times.

Century House Guest
Nantucket Paintings-Victorian Woman by the Sea
Victorian Woman by the Sea by Eli Cedrone
Nantucket Art-Hello, Summer by TS Harris
Hello, Summer by T.S. Harris


What a difference a century makes.

While several dealers are represented on the Island, Innkeeper Gerry and JeanE have found a special oasis in the Quidley & Company Fine Art Gallery. Dealer Chris Quidley has managed to transition from solely traditional works to integrating a selection of modern and contemporary artists as well. An example of the latter is Tracey Sylvester Harris – a contemporary artist who’s Opening Night at the Quidley July 13, 2018 yielded “block buster” attendance and a series of sales. Her work, “Hello, Summer” is pictured above center.

Above left, is the work of Eli Cedrone, an artist with numerous awards including Portrait Society of America, who managed to combine en plein aire with portraiture (graphic and detailed description, especially of a person) in this exquisite rendering of “Victorian Woman by the Shore”.

Nantucket Artist-Anne Packard Seascape
Seascape by Anne Packard

Completing the passage of the century is the photograph, above right, by a Century House guest while sunning on one of Nantucket Island’s internationally acclaimed beaches.

Quidley & Company Fine Art Gallery’s next Opening is August 3, 2018 featuring the renowned coastal landscape artist Anne Packard. Come enjoy the feast of artistry, sunshine, and Nantucket’s finest fresh air!

Then stay at Century House, Nantucket’s finest bed and breakfast located in the Residential Historic District.


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