Explore the Natural Side of Nantucket with Walkabout Tours Pt. 1

Explore the Natural Side of Nantucket with Walkabout Tours Pt. 1

There are so many reasons that guests fall in love with the magical island of Nantucket. The town is a truly one of a kind experience of history, shopping, dining, and culture; We think the real magic of the island can be found in the acres of protected lands criss crossed with miles of trails. Century House is proud to be partnered with Nantucket Walkabout for amazing hikes to experience the natural beauty of the island any day of the season! Not only will you get the chance to explore on foot, but you’ll also be learning about the past, present and future of Nantucket from a local expert along the way. No matter when you choose to visit, Century House will help you plan your adventure!

A tour we highly recommend is the Shawkemo Hills because it features a unique combination of learning about the Island’s glacial beginnings with a seasoned year round Nantucket authority, but also because it’s length can appeal to folks just starting out on hiking excursions.  Enjoy an unforgettable experience that opens the window to the “Other Nantucket Island” so little known to so many of the tourists who visit.

Shawkemo Hills offers a hiking experience through a portion of the island dramatically shaped by the last glacier to cover most of North America. From a high spot on this hike, see and learn about the formation of Coatue, Great Point, the Haulover, Nantucket Harbor and the inner harbor shores; From a low spot along the trail, sometimes called a frost bottom because frost prevails only at these lowest of island elevations when it does nowhere else on Nantucket, discover how the glacier shaped the hills and dells — kames and kettles in geologic terms — of this north central part of the island. This is probably the shortest hike Nantucket Walkabout leads, clocking in at no more than one hour.

To learn more, contact the Century House at 508-228-0530 and begin planning your getaway right away, or book directly with Nantucket Walkabout Tours.

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