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Just like a lover – So familiar and comforting-So wild and unpredictable

Quote by Gerry & JeanE, Innkeepers Century House
Included in the coffee table book BY THE SEA by Robert Farber in collaboration with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Romantic Nantucket BnB with exceptional accommodations and excellent hospitality is run by husband and wife Innkeepers JeanE Heron and Gerry Connick. They came to Century House in 1984, as successful drop outs of corporate America, Gerry, a capital equipment manufacturing executive and JeanE, a medical systems sales director. The only background they had in the hospitality business was that they both came from large extended families,  stayed in many five star hotels and dined in the best restaurants!!  However, they loved the quality of life that  the Century House and the Island of Nantucket presented. They integrated the old historic guesthouse into the B&B era through multiple renovations on-going  to this day, incorporating their tastes for comfort, informality and ease. One of their special highlights was the  selection of Century House to be featured as the “quintessential Nantucket Inn” by the Executive Producers of Paramount Pictures’ hit TV show “Wings” … a winning after the vetting process of over 700 buildings on Island…and yes, the inn is stocked with the complete series, for the lovers of that weekly show. Find out more about our beautiful Nantucket Inn!

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